Commercial buildingA building survey is a comprehensive inspection and report advising on both the current condition and longer term liabilities associated with the acquisition of a commercial property.

How we can help

With experience of acting on behalf of investor, landlord and occupier clients, we can undertake detailed acquisition surveys across all property sectors and building types.

How we work with you

Our reports are written in clear English and supported by photographs and diagrams, with RAG ratings for findings to be placed into context. In addition to highlighting building defects, we provide summary comment on statutory compliance issues and deleterious materials, and state where specific key legal enquiries or further investigations are required.

We aim to inspect a property within 4 working days of instruction and issue our report within 7 working days thereafter, although we are happy to discuss any other timing requirements you may have.

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commercial building survey

Great news! Please provide us with the following information so that we can start to build a picture of the property and prepare an accurate quote:

  • Property address.
  • Sales particulars.
  • Whether an environmental report or specialist building services inspection is required.
  • Lease terms, if any.